Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th of July fun

Bike parade around the Christensens neighborhood. There was a big firetruck that we all followed and the kids decorated their bikes and scooters and strollers and went around the neighborhood and waved to all of the neighbors who came out to watch! SO MUCH FUN! Short and sweet! The Blair family came too and so most of the kids in this picture are with us! There were 14 kids in all from our group.
Jenny, Sadie and Perry Christensen on the parade route. Sadie waved for the first half of the parade and then she gave up and Perry was not thrilled with shaking her pom poms so they just stayed in her lap but it was still so fun!
Sammie, Jerry, and Sadie at the pre fireworks show out in Woodland. It was AWESOME! They had bounce houses, music, face painting and just general tomfoolery! Then there was an AMAZING firework show that Sarah's brother did!
The girls after face painting.

Trevor and Tom were at scout camp and MISSED all of the 4th celebrations. This is Trev on the 5th when they got home. He is in his Camp Winton shirt that he got there. They both had a great time, we just missed them.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sammie and her friends doing the marshmellow 3 musketeer pose.
Sadie thought that a pullup would make the best hat ever! She is a wierd girl!!!
We made pizza on the open fire! It turned out really YUMMY!
I love this picture of J. His eyes are turning GREEN! I especially love all of the dirt on his face!

Trevor after a BAD wipeout. He was bruised and bloody for at least a week!

more beach and camping pics

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Brighton Beach Vacation Pics

We had the best time at New Brighton Beach! (it is right outside of Santa Cruz) I will just post some pictures of our FABULOUS TIME!