Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trevor's Money Tree

We made a deal with Trevor that if he got straight A's then he would get 100.00. If he got all A's and 1 B then he would get 75.00. He got his report card yesterday and he got all A's and 1 B. So my mom suggested that I make him a money tree to give him his money. HE LOVED IT!!!! I love the picture of him seeing his grades! He is such a good young man and we love him so much!

Halloween 2008

We had such a fun Halloween this year! Trevor was a fictional character that he created called "Commander Carrot" (Don't ask), Sammie wanted to be a fairy but she ended up getting stitches right above her eye 2 days before so she decided to be a dead fairy. I thought she looked super scary! Jerry was a ninja. Sadie was an egyptian princess. She wasn't a big fan of eye liner. She kept blinking and then would wipe her eye. ALL IN ALL it was a fun time!
Here is a close up of the 4 stitches and you can tell that by her eyebrow it is swollen. I covered the yellow bruise with the gray and purple makeup!

Friday, October 31, 2008

~Jerry Lost His FIRST TOOTH~

Jerry is 6 1/2 and I thought his baby teeth were going to stay forever but I was wrong! We were on our way to a Halloween Party and he came to me with his mouth all bloody and holding the TINIEST TOOTH EVER! His other tooth is already in and it is like a sharks tooth because of how far back it came in... Hello Orthodontist!

more Pumpkin Patch

more Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch with all of the kids

Monday, October 20, 2008

Preschool Field Trip to the pumpkin patch


The Heninger kids came over and all of the kids thought it would be tons of fun to rake leaves! (Yeah for me!) They were so cute! They raked them in a pile and then would jump and play in them! I LOVE THE FALL!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Healthy Gift Basket Gift

My visiting teacher JeNae made me a healthy gift basket! I think this is such a great idea and I have been enjoying it so much! Who wouln't love flowers and food?!??! It made my very stressful day much more enjoyable! I love the organization of the Church. I love that I have someone who is looking out for me and my family (we are extra blessed to have a lot of those kind of people in our lives!!!!). I love that she came by on a day that is crazy for me (and I am sure that it is crazy for her too), she still was thinking of me and showed me in a very sweet way! There were delicious muffins, and my favorite Baby Belle cheese, assorted fruits and veggies, and some delicious bread. I feel so spoiled! Thanks JeNae you are a wonderful visiting teacher!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1st Day Of School 2008

Sadie is in preschool for the first time!

Trevor is in JR HIGH!!!!!! AGHHHHHHHH
Sammie is in 3rd Grade and Jerry is in 1st Grade
The kids right before we got in the car to take them to school!!!

Jerry in his super cute classroom. His teacher is so cute and her name is Mrs. Sloan.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th of July fun

Bike parade around the Christensens neighborhood. There was a big firetruck that we all followed and the kids decorated their bikes and scooters and strollers and went around the neighborhood and waved to all of the neighbors who came out to watch! SO MUCH FUN! Short and sweet! The Blair family came too and so most of the kids in this picture are with us! There were 14 kids in all from our group.
Jenny, Sadie and Perry Christensen on the parade route. Sadie waved for the first half of the parade and then she gave up and Perry was not thrilled with shaking her pom poms so they just stayed in her lap but it was still so fun!
Sammie, Jerry, and Sadie at the pre fireworks show out in Woodland. It was AWESOME! They had bounce houses, music, face painting and just general tomfoolery! Then there was an AMAZING firework show that Sarah's brother did!
The girls after face painting.

Trevor and Tom were at scout camp and MISSED all of the 4th celebrations. This is Trev on the 5th when they got home. He is in his Camp Winton shirt that he got there. They both had a great time, we just missed them.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sammie and her friends doing the marshmellow 3 musketeer pose.
Sadie thought that a pullup would make the best hat ever! She is a wierd girl!!!
We made pizza on the open fire! It turned out really YUMMY!
I love this picture of J. His eyes are turning GREEN! I especially love all of the dirt on his face!

Trevor after a BAD wipeout. He was bruised and bloody for at least a week!

more beach and camping pics

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Brighton Beach Vacation Pics

We had the best time at New Brighton Beach! (it is right outside of Santa Cruz) I will just post some pictures of our FABULOUS TIME!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Samantha Last Day of School

Sammie and her teacher Mrs. FitzPatrick on the last day of 2nd Grade!

Trevor Guitar Recital

Trevor at the end of the year Guitar Recital at school. You can barely see his guitar but he was rockin' it! He (and his class) did a great job!